HIV Events


How to organize an event about HIV? How do you educate the public about the importance of HIV testing Singapore without making them fall asleep, or get the people to remove notes from their wallets for the cause that you are promoting?

We have been fighting against HIV for more than 30 years and we are still fighting, still striving for zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination against those with HIV and zero AIDS related deaths. Everyone can contribute to the cause in his or her own way, and an event planner should do so by utilizing World AIDS Day, which takes place annually on first of December. Here are some ideas for organizing a HIV event:


Be Colorful

Like San Francisco AIDS Foundation. They painted the town red by… by painting the town red, literally. San Francisco AIDS Foundation got everyone’s attention by lighting up buildings with red lights.

If painting buildings is not your cup of tea, what about painting people with a good game of paintball?


Get Quilt-y, Not Quirky

But maybe getting quirky works, too.

HIV had taken away more than 1000 lives in San Francisco alone. In 1985, people were asked to write down the names of their loved ones who had died from HIV on placards. These cards were taped to Federal Building. From far, it looked like a patchwork quilt.

An idea for a quilt is then hatched.

With over 91,000 names sewn onto it and measuring 1,293,300 square feet, it is, undoubtedly, the largest community art project in the world.


Federal Building Event


You might want to get creative in an artsy way with your HIV event, or try to find a display of sections of the Quilt near you. With the popularity of hashtags and Instagram, it will most probably attract a huge crowd to your event.


Everyone Loves Music

National AIDS Memorial Grove organized a concert by Bishop Yvette Flunder. They are not the only one who realized the power of music. Downtown Music Productions, too, presented dance and music at Duo theater in East Village.

Organize a charity concert, or a rave party to get everyone moving.


Get An Ambassador

You will need someone that the crowd can easily identify with, someone with a positive influence and preferably, someone who is actively involved in raising HIV awareness.

According to David Wilkins, ACON events coordinator, Judy Garland was the perfect choice for World AIDS Day concert because she is a gay icon. In fact, she was called “The Elvis of homosexuals.”


Judy Garland


Some other notable gay icons are Cher, who had acted in Burlesque; Janet Jackson, who had acted in For Colored Girls; Madonna, who had acted in I’m Going To Tell You A Secret. But I think the best person for the show is my favorite celebrity – Angelina Jolie who starred in a 1998 movie about fashion superstar, Gia. Gia was contracted with HIV and it eventually led to her death.


Other Ideas

Get the adrenaline pumping and flowing! Fundraising and art exhibitions might sound dull, but In London, Positive East hyped up such HIV event with parachute jump.

An auction is also a good alternative to fundraising.

Most importantly, free your mind and let your creativity roam. Don’t limit yourself with knowledge and experience.


Food & Beverage – The Life of Events

When it comes to event management, food and beverage is one of the biggest headache. What kind of food will leave all your guests happy and satisfied? Should you get normal catering services, or opt for more luxurious catering from hotels? Which private chef Singapore is affordable, efficient, and able to cook delicious dishes? What about quantity? You don’t like the idea of wasting food, but you don’t want to see a disappointed guest either.

Whether you are planning a conference, a party or a wedding, here are some important and not-so-obvious tips that you must bear in mind when planning for food and beverage for your event.


  1. Knowing Your Guest Profile is Winning Half of the Battle

Are you familiar with the term “rubber chicken circuit”? This is a term used disparagingly to describe food served at events where there are large number of guests who require serving in a short timeframe. Usually, pre-cooked chicken is served at such events. Such chicken is of course held at serving temperature for some time and the dressed with a sauce as it is served, thus the meat will end up… well, you guessed it : rubbery.

If your guests attend conferences and events regularly, a rubber chicken circuit is the last thing they want to see at an event. Therefore, spend some time to understand the professional level of your guest, how frequent they attend similar events, their ethnic background and where they reside. These information will help you decide which dishes you should avoid serving.


  1. Understand Your Guest’s Preferences

It is not sufficient to just understand your guest’s profile. As a general rule, bear in mind that aged attendees who can’t take a meal without denture would be delighted at the sight of soft, mild dishes such as tofu, health-conscious, slim ladies who watch their weight on daily basis would be happy to have seafood and vegetables on their plates whereas young attendees would most probably prefer a spicy, exotic meal.

Always take into consideration what your guests will enjoy based on the type of event that you are planning.


  1. Your Guest will love to have freedom to choose

Most of us like to choose, so why deny your guests of such simple pleasure? Provide your guests with at least two choices of entrees and two dessert option (something healthy such as yogurt for those who are counting their calories, and something indulgent like chocolate cake for who are too busy pleasing their taste buds to care about cholesterol), at least three salad dressing options and serve all condiments on the side.


  1. Select a Menu that Fits the Event ScheduleIt is not just about pleasing your guests; you have to take into consideration time constraints as well. If you only have thirty minutes for food and beverage, you have no choice but to go for box lunches. If you have an hour to spare, buffet is a good option. If you plan to have plated meals, make sure you have at least one and a half hours.


In a nutshell, always put yourself in your guest’s shoes. That way, you will never go wrong.

Tips for Event Planning

Memorable events don’t just happen by themselves. Whether it is a conference, a seminar, trade show, product launch or award ceremony, organizing and holding an event requires detailed planning.


Here are some event planning tips you might find useful:

First Things First

It is important to identify your target audience first as it will decide the format, content, prices and location of your event.

Have a clear business purpose for holding the event: Is it organized to lead generation, or is it held to develop customer loyalty? A clear business purpose ensures that your event does not fall victim to scope creep.

It is also crucial to check the calendar to make sure that you don’t organize your event too close to holidays and other industry events: You don’t want to schedule Singapore’s web design conference during the week of Chinese New Year, when your target audience are too busy visiting their friends and relatives to attend your event.

Also, make a to-do list to make sure everything – program content, lighting, parking, refreshments, transportation – is taken care of. However, be flexible with slight changes as changes are inevitable.


You don’t want to spend more than you can afford to.

Most events are funded by sponsorship, ticket sales and internal marketing budgets. Estimate how much money you can raise from each area. Make a comprehensive list of all expenses and highlight areas where you think sponsors can play a role.

You might also want to consider using crowd funding platforms: once you have published your event on a crowd funding platform, attendees need to pledge for tickets for the event to take place, thus easing the risks of running a loss-making event.


No event can succeed without assiduous marketing.

Define factors that will bring in your target audience – it can be entertainment, freebies or a well-known expert speaker. Lay out these factors in writing for promotion. Promote on social media by using a unique hashtag and generate anticipation by holding Google Hangout or Twitter chat few weeks before your event. Buy advertising on social networks to reach out to target audience in your geographical location and upload videos of preview events on Youtube to convince prospective attendees. Offer online registration and early bird incentives to secure attendees.


An efficient team will help you make certain that everything will run smoothly. Delegate responsibilities as people take pride in their expertise and often do not like to be micromanaged. Nonetheless, follow up from time to time to make sure everyone is on track with his or her duties.


Have a skilled social media team to exploit your audience’s viral power.

Contingency Plan

Make a 2-column list: what could go wrong in the first column, and plan B in the second column. Always remember Murphy’s Law: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The sound system can fail and the main speaker might fall sick. Prepare for the worst scenario.

Or, you can just engage in the services of a professional event planner.

Introduction to Private Receptions

Your friend threw a party. You had been informed that the theme for the night is “Back to the Future” but you did not know exactly what to expect. As you were ushered by a Doc Brown imposer, to your pleasant amazement, you realized you had just stepped into a dance hall decorated to look like Doc Brown’s laboratory, with clocks of all sizes and shapes hanging from the ceiling and walls.

PrivateReceptions 1

At one end of the hall there was a life-sized shell of a DeLorean for the Instagram addicts. On the other end there was a 1950s style snack bar set up where guests could order milk shakes, floats, malts, soda, French fries, fries or hot pretzels from waiters dressed in red jackets and self-lacing shoes that… that, unfortunately, do not laces themselves. (The food would of course be served on trays designed to look like Hoverboards.)

Your experience was augmented with many interactive games and entertaining performances. The night ends with you smiling as you drove home, thinking that this is probably the most enjoyable party you have attended.

Whether you call it event planning or lavish party, Private Receptions can help you make a sublime impression from the beginning cash register the end so you can rest and relax as a guest at your own event. The services we offer include (but are not limited to) private celebration, company lunch and dance, business conference, product launch, booth construction, backdrop fabrication, sound system rental, entertainment act, printing service, lighting rental and more.

Our end-to-end event management capacity encompasses conceptualization and design, theme setting (visuals and props), audiovisual setup (sound system, lighting and projection facility), visual design and production (entrance arch, picture wall, roll-up banner, posters and invitation card) and entertainment management (cocktail reception bangs activities, show openers and stage show times).

PrivateReceptions 2

As an integrated event management company reputed for delivering outstanding events in Singapore and across Asia, we have connections with the best emcees, entertainers, live bands, dancers, clowns, magicians, comedians and performers in the industry for every function.

Here are the reasons why our customers love us:

One Stop Service

When we organize an event, we are in charge of everything, from the equipment, the entertainment, to being the venue liaison and much more. We have the stratagem, the connections and the inspiration to proffer everything needed to make every event a success. There is no need to search for each and every individual service providers.

Affordable Rates

Event management can be quite expensive, which is why we offer eminent services at competitive rates. Private Receptions makes it possible to have the event of your fantasy without the bill of your night terrors, charging you only for the services you need.

Personal Touch

We make it our priority to sit down and listen to our customer’s dreams and expectations. We then use our expertise, skills, connections and resources to design the event based on their dreams, instructions, needs and expectations.


The second item on our priority list is to make our customers’ dreams come true. We captivate our creativity and innovation to impart suggestions and fabricate unimaginable and unforgettable memories.

So drop us a line if you want to impress your guests!